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At WEEE-RecycleUK we take data destruction and the protection of licenced software very seriously and therefore offer a range of service levels. This means we offer an effective data destruction solution for all clients including Government Certified UK HMG InfoSec No 5 (Higher) data wiping, degaussing using a NATO and NCSC approved machine and physical destruction also.


Clients can be assured of the highest levels of confidentiality with only CRB checked staff handling their equipment. Our premises have offsite recorded / monitored CCTV, high security steel doors and steel security bars over both doors and windows, internally and externally.


With reuse being the most environmentally sound solution, physical destruction is only carried out upon request, or on faulty drives which cannot be accessed in conjunction with degaussing to ensure complete destruction.


We also include full certification as part of the data destruction process free of charge.


Plus, all of our data destruction services are backed by a £500,000 professional indemnity insurance for your extra peace of mind and protection.


Our service levels are:

Standard Data Destruction

Our standard level of data destruction is offered free of charge to all customers and is suitable in the majority of situations.


The data on the computer hard drive is overwritten with layers of random binary data using Active@ Killdisk, which provides a strong level of destruction to US DoD 5220.22-M standards.


A certificate of data destruction is provided with this service level.

Higher Level Data Destruction

WEEE-RecycleUK offer onsite & offsite certified data destruction that is approved to UK HMG InfoSec No 5 Higher level standard, using WhiteCanyon WipeDrive 8 licensed software.


This level of data destruction is a chargeable service, but may be offered free of charge to customers depending on the quantity and quality of equipment to be disposed of.


A comprehensive asset / data destruction report is provided via a PDF file for each computer / server erased using this high level data destruction method.


Degaussing of hard disk drives and magnetic media such as backup tapes is a chargeable service, but may be available free of charge when combined with disposal of IT equipment, depending on the quantity and quality of the equipment to be disposed of.


The SV91M Degausser is used for to erase a broad range of magnetic media, including high density metal tapes and PC hard disk drives. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has approved the SV91M Degausser for security erasure applications.


The SV91M is fast, taking as little as ten seconds to completely erase a cassette. It's simple to use and provides a thoroughly effective and low cost means of degaussing DLT, DAT and other high coercivity tape.

In addition to its NATO approval, the SV91M has been approved to CESG standard for restricted or less for the secure erasure and destruction of information and data stored on magnetic media up to TOP SECRET level.


This can be followed up by the physical destruction of the hard disk drive as described below:

Hard Drive Physical Destruction

We also offer an onsite or offsite physical destruction service, where hard disk drives are removed from the PC and destroyed in our hydraulic drive crusher in front of your eyes.


Physical drive destruction is carried out using a specialist hydraulic hard disk drive crusher and meets US DoD 5220.22-M standards for the sanitization of data bearing media. This can be combined with degaussing in order to achieve NATO / UK NCSC standards.


This level of data destruction is also a chargeable service, but may be available free of charge depending on the quantity and quality of IT equipment being disposed of.


A full data destruction certificate including all serial numbers will be issued with this service.

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